How To Meditate For Beginners| Easy Step-by-Step

Meditation provides both physical and phycological benefits. Daily meditation practice can help relieve stress, improve focus, remove brain fog, and much more. Therefore, this article will help you get started and guide you about how to meditate and make it a daily practice. Jump to : Definition Steps Benefits Types of Breathing exercises Types of […]

7 Chakras|How To Unlock Them|Full Guide

7 chakras

Meaning| 7 Chakras |Unblock Chakras | Healing Space The chakras in the human body are related to specific energies and consciousness, to endocrine glands, colors, and psychic features. The chakras stem from your spinal column and emit energy through your body and connect outside of your body into what is known as the “Auric Feild”. […]

12 ways to cope with Anxiety ( During COVID-19).

Covid-19 has changed lifestyles of many people across the world. Uncertain times like these can definitely cause distress and result in giving you anxiety. Practicing ways to cope with anxiety can help you go through these stressful situation and strange times. Lets look into simple ways to cope with anxiety during Coronavirus outbreak. Stick to […]

How To Use Yoga To Destress At Home

We’ve all heard about the endless benefits of practicing Yoga and the well being it brings into your daily life. Originated in Ancient India and introduced by Yoga gurus to the Western countries, Yoga is now refined  into a posture-based physical fitness, stress-relief and relaxation technique. A lot of the population practices yoga to lose […]